This week I want to throw a party =)  Ed’s favorite “adult book store” burned to the ground this weekend.  All three floors of it.  While I’m sad that the building was destroyed, I have to admit, I’m happy that the store is gone.  Not that there aren’t other one’s, but he liked that one a lot.

15 years ago I didn’t really have strong feelings about pornography one way or another.  After being married to a man with a pornography addiction I HATE it.  Not just a little bit.  A lot!  When I cleared the stuff out of his apartment for his landlord I threw away SEVERAL heaping garbage bags full of movies.  It was never anything benign like a Playboy.  When we met it was regular dirty movies, and by the time that he got evicted it was hard-core, stomach turning, corner of obscenity,  pornography.  Throwing it all away was one of the most empowering things I have ever done.


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