New Year, New Life

Wow!!!  2011…. in 2000 I didn’t think Ed and I would make it more than another six months.  The summer of 2000 he left, and then he forced himself back into my life.  That was after a string of really rotten things he did to get “revenge” on me for hurting him.  I left in June 2005 and it took until December 2008 for the divorce to be finalized.  I’m still trying to understand the logistics of how I ended up with Ed and why I allowed myself to be mistreated, abused and used for so many years.

But 2011 is a new year =)  I’m graduating from college this year.  I’m able to make double car payments if I want this year.  I’m going to work on getting back into shape.  I’m going to take a vacation and enjoy it.  I’m going to watch my son do the work to make Eagle Scout.  I’m going to take my dogs for long walks.  And I’m going to live a much happier, easier and lovely life, without pain pill Marion!


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