I watched Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab again last night, even though I only know who a few of the people are this season.   This is silly, but I bawled my eyes out.  Dr. Drew met with Jeremy London (I don’t know why he is famous) and his wife (who is a victim of bad plastic surgery) to talk about the most important thing in his life being his son and how he would plan to see him whenever he could, even with their divorce.

It made me think about the promises that Ed made to me and his lack of concern about walking away from his responsibilities without even saying goodbye.  While it is good for my son to be free of the sick addict behavior that Ed was displaying so regularly, it is still sad that it all happened without any closure and that parts of it were so unexpected.  

In a million years, I would never have guessed that Ed would end up with a Cougar/Sugar Mama – especially one so old and wrinkly.  But then, I never guessed he would give up his last child either, and it seems as though he did that without even thinking about it.  At least he is consistently doing stupid things.


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