Dream Interpretation

I had the WEIRDEST dreams over the weekend!  Friday night I dreamt that my husband and I have moved into a new house (it was GORGEOUS!) and we were allowing Ed to come to our house to do his laundry.  That isn’t as far-fetched as it sounds, but it may be my brain trying to get him to get the rest of his “mess” out of my garage and laundry room. 

In my dream I had a group of girlfriends over.  We were planning something (I’m not sure what) and drinking wine.  When Ed was downstairs he somehow broke the washing machine and my girlfriends lifted it up in the air (super women!) so that my husband could fix it ( he has been responsible for much of my emotional repair and healing since leaving Pain Pill Marion).

When we got back upstairs, Nancy the Whore was in my kitchen.  I tried to be as “cool” about it as possible but then she made some snarky comment about how if it was her life and her house she would do things differently or better than I could.  I got up from the living room, went into the kitchen, took the wine glass and dumped it out, then escorted her from my house.  When we got onto the deck I pinned her down on the ground and explained that it would never be her house or her life.  I told her I never wanted to see of hear from her again and I told her that she should be ashamed of herself for all the terrible things that she had done.  Then I dragged her to her feet and walked her out to her outdated black Cadillac. 

Of course she called the police =)  Right before I woke up I imagined how my friends spoke with the officer and how I wasn’t ticketed for anything, but Nancy was ticketed for trespassing. 

My guess is that this was my subconscious way of controlling them in my life.  I was the one in control, I maintained the upper hand and I was able to remove them both from my home.  Also, I didn’t get into any trouble for pushing them away from me.  While interesting, and somewhat amusing, I feel better, and more empowered again!

Saturday night I dreamt that Ed came over to ask me for help with something.  I told him no and then I came him a hickey so that Nancy would think he was sleeping around.  Warped?  Maybe.  Funny? Definitely!  Witchy Ex-Wife?  That would be me =)  I guess even though I want to compartmentalize them in my life, I still want him to pay!


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