A Note From Nancy

So, over the weekend I got an e-mail from Nancy (you cannot even imagine my surprise!)…. and I’m just not sure what to believe.  You see, I spent 13 years with Ed, so I know that one of the “expectations” is that whoever he is with will lie for him.  As you know from my 2 year’s of posting I told plenty of lies to people who cared about me about things not being as bad as they were AND about who Ed really was.  I was so good I could even lie to myself about that one!

According to Nancy she and Ed have broken up, which was something that I suspected long ago.  According to Ed he got a new car.  My husband and I have both seen a person who looks oddly similar to Ed, in a car that looks quite similar to a car parked in front of Nancy’s house on a regular basis.  But that could be a coincidence…. it’s hard to know.

According to Nancy she tried everything that she could think of to make sure that Ed had ample opportunity to see my son.  According to Ed when he was supposed to go to something that my son was doing Nancy had made plans ahead of time to do something else.

I have posted before that when you lay down with dogs you wake up with fleas.  I can say from personal experience that when you run with liars, you learn not only to lie, but also to believe the lies, because more often than not, it is easier than accepting the truth and coming to terms with the reality.  So is Nancy’s story real???? I guess I’m not sure yet… and I don’t know how to ask her to prove it.


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