Stress and Wellness

Several years ago my regular physician talked to me about stress and it’s effect on my body.  She encouraged me to relax, not work so hard, not take on so many things.  But the problem is, I LOVE to keep busy, and not just a little bit.

I am infamous for being in the middle of everything.  Right now I am working full-time, going to school full-time, playing in a musical group, taking care of a husband, a teenager and three animals, and my husband and I are presidents of a year round high school booster club. On top of this I have a women’s group I would like to be more involved in, I host our families twice each week for dinner, I do 90% of the cooking and laundry and we take care of snow removal and yard work at our house plus two others.  Slow down just isn’t in my vocabulary.  On a normal day-to-day basis I enjoy all of these things and they don’t stress me, or if they do I think it’s “healthy stress”. 

Ed was a major stressor during our marriage, especially during our separation and during our divorce I don’t know how I made it out alive.  I have been having some health problems lately, and one of them has strong ties to stress.  It’s a problem I’ve had for a while, but we’re on the edge of getting a diagnosis.  I just wonder, was this something that I was destined for?  Would having gotten out of my marriage in 2000 made a difference?  What if I had never married Ed?  I know that all those things would have had a socioeconomic improvement, but what about my actual health? 

During our separation Ed had me going so many million directions emotionally that I ended up with some anxiety problems.  Working in healthcare I know that stress can cause different kinds of harm, especially emotional, I just never thought that mine was bad enough to make me physically sick.


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