2 Years Ago

In just a few short weeks it will be 2 years since I started my little blog.  Hopefully it has helped other people as much as it has helped me.  I was never much for a journal or a diary before, but this has been incredibly therapeutic.

Two years ago I took my dad on the last vacation of his life.  We stayed in a huge hotel, right on the beach and I think he enjoyed himself.  If I had known then that it was our last week together outside a hospital I would have spared no expense.

When I arrived home from the trip I got to explain to the local police that I had not “stolen” my cat from Ed’s house but that I had to take care of her since Ed abandoned her to go on a “secret” vacation with Nancy. 

This month my new husband and I will make the 24th payment on our home.  Only 336 more to go =)

Almost two years ago, Ed saw my son perform for the last time.  I was already engaged but I didn’t wear my ring that night because I didn’t want to hurt Ed’s feelings…. and I didn’t want to be attacked.   Looking back I should have worn it, that rock sets off quite a glare!

Two years ago I got to start my life over.  My first marriage helped me to realize how strong I really am and how much I deserve.  So here I am, two years later.  Getting ready to graduate from college, getting ready to go to graduate school, getting ready to plan my son’s high school graduation, getting ready for summer vacation.  I can sleep now without worrying about money.  I can come home after a long day at work and not worry that I’m walking into a snake pit.  I can have a good partnership with a man who loves me every day, and doesn’t terrorize me for his own amusement.  I can be who I am and enjoy every minute of it.


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