When the Mouse Beats the Hawk

Last night we went to Once Upon a Mattress.  It is the spring high school musical and it was wonderful.  In the end, the Prince stands up to his mother and she becomes mute and the King’s curse is lifted so that he is no longer mute.  Early in this musical we learn that the curse can only be lifted when the mouse beats the hawk. 

In 2005 I was the mouse.  I was beaten down, sad, abused, terrified and ready for revenge.  I endured all that I could, packed up my “baby” and left.  I knew that I would never go back to Ed, but with the merciless bullying I couldn’t tell him that.  

Six years later my life is AWESOME!  I have security that he could never offer and hope for a bright and happy future.  I learned a lot being the mouse and now my life is on top, and Ed is in the trenches.  I’m not sure he will ever get what he deserves, but I’m glad to be done with him!


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