I Feel Like a New Woman

It’s funny, the longer I am divorced from Ed and free from the poison that he regularly inserted into my life the better I feel.  Not just about myself but about the world around me as well. 

I have an exciting goal for this summer, I’m planning to ride a metric century!  I have a good support team.  I’ve been training regularly and it’s improving my outlook in a variety of ways.

I will graduate from college in the middle of October.  It is so wonderful to be close to the end.  I can hardly wait for the next adventure in my life!

I feel more in love than I have ever felt in my life.  I’m happy, content, safe, supported, and I have absolute faith that I am loved back the same way.

This week I have read two phrases, in two different places, that in a relationship, one person always loves a little more than the other one.  I think that in my first marriage I loved Ed more than he loved me and there was nothing that I could have done to make him love me more.  I wasn’t a great wife the first time around.  I’m trying to do better this time.  It’s easier to be trustworthy when I can trust the person I’m with.


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