The Old “Hood”

Before we moved out of our old neighborhood things were starting to go downhill.  There was more crime, more drugs, more sex offenders.  Yesterday there was a weird shooting a block from our old apartment.  It was funny seeing all those old houses on tv.  When we moved in I LOVED our building, now that I’m a homeowner I’m SO glad I didn’t fiddle around with a house in the historic district.

Late last night into this morning there has been a standoff on the north end of town.  The man is in his early 50’s, not that much older than Ed, and he has a rifle.  The SWAT Team has been present all night.  I have been thinking all morning about an agitated man with a gun and how things can come out badly.  I’m so glad that I made it out of my first marriage alive.  When I was there it was hard to see how dangerous it really was!


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