Summer Time

It’s funny the things that cross my mind.  Yesterday I rode 30 miles on my bike. The last time I did that was before I was divorced.  It was actually really early in our separation.  I thought that Ed would want to celebrate that I had done it.  Instead he wanted to go to Ribfest with his friend Bob. 

It was about 90 degrees yesterday during the ride and once we were home, in air-conditioned bliss I thought about the old house and about trying to sleep at night when it was blistering hot.  The single window air conditioner was never strong enough to cool our bedrooms.  After that I thought about people being irritable in the heat and the ways that we used to fight.  It’s funny that I would combine environmental things with all that upset….  I always used to think that the house would carry such good memories for me, but ultimately, it is thick with disappointment.


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