With a Bang

I love fireworks.   Almost embarrassingly.  The 4th has always been one of my very favorite holiday’s.  There is something about the noise and the magic of the show that make me happy and excited.  When Ed and I were married the 4th was always funny.  Our first 4th together we almost broke up – after a month in our apartment, because there was a lot of alcohol and I wanted to be young and have fun.  After that we spent the 4th in Colorado for a few years.  They have a beautiful fireworks show above Boulder and it was super fun.  After we separated Ed would come over and eat and leave, he couldn’t be bothered to stay for the part of the holiday that I liked. 

The last two years my husband and I have celebrated with our new neighbors at their 3rd of July party.  It’s a great night with lots of booms and the first time we went we slept on the floor in our living room after the party since we didn’t have any furniture.   This year two of my girlfriends came along and I helped them scope out guys.  It’s funny, even when I’m “boy watching” I have no interest in anyone else.  I never realized that being really in love could change so many things about me!

This year my son lit off almost all our fireworks.  It was great.  He has grown up so much!  I had fun but I still wasn’t as excited as I used to be.  I wonder if I have outgrown the holiday or if those years where Ed tried to ruin my fun have left a certain permanent damper on my experience.


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