As most of the readers of this blog have gathered Ed was LAZY.  He didn’t want to work, did the minimums for school, and could have cared less about our marriage.  With the most minimal effort Ed felt that he “earned” or deserved vacation.  The year that I left him I informed him that I wouldn’t be taking him on vacation with me.  He was FURIOUS!  He had no money to pay for the trip, he didn’t have a job, I was helping him with bills, and he thought that he could just continue to leech off my family like he did when we were married. 

While we were gone he ran around with an older woman and drove his motorcycle to Kansas for a job interview.  When I got home, we fought for two days.  He was mad because I went without him, and I was angry because he spent the time hanging out instead of finding a job.  Those were two insurmountable issues in our relationship.  He didn’t want to do anything, and he didn’t want me to either, and he felt entitled to do nothing while the rest of the world worked and struggled to get ahead.  I should have gotten the divorce that year, instead of three years later.


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