I know that this might seem like a funny post – but I’m finishing my last class and it’s all about rights, politics, liberty and freedom.  I have always considered myself a strong liberal.  Over the last 5 years I have become a little more moderate, but when writing papers for this class I feel like a conservative Republican.

Seeing Ed’s laziness, wastefulness and strong sense of entitlement changed a lot of my ideas about social welfare and the benefits of public assistance.  Using Ed’s social security money to pay the rent is the closest I ever came to using social welfare.  My goal the entire time that I knew him was to get him off of federal aid and into the workforce.  No one can sit at home and watch tv for the rest of their lives.  I wish I could understand the psychology of wanting to do nothing.  Maybe it is because I always want more.

It is bewildering to me that my divorce changed some of the deeper parts of the person that I have always been.  I occasionally feel more calloused about things, but writing these papers, I feel like I have a little axe to grind with people unwilling to do what it takes to make it, maybe because I could never get Ed to do anything productive.


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