Twists and Turns

Last night I attended the visitation for a friend’s ex-mother-in-law.  Her ex-husband was there of course and he was as odd and off-kilter as ever.  I must admit, it was a very awkward feeling to be there, and I don’t think many people attended her visitation. 

It made me think about the decline of their marriage and the decline of mine during the same time.  Both our ex-husbands had treatable diseases, her’s bipolar disorder and mine addiction.  She left in a difficult way, sneaking away at the end of the school year with a man she met on the internet to a different state to start a new life.  Like me, she knew that a normal ending to the relationship wasn’t really a possibility. Sadly, she had to leave behind her son and he has been raised in an odd way by an odd man.  I wonder now how deep my desperation to be free would have gotten?


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