Marital Morality

For my class this week I had to write about marital morality and if an increase in marriages and a decrease in divorces would improve society.  I think it is the hardest paper I have ever written. 

I was raised by a divorced mother who refused to fit any stereotype and I became a teenage mother who refused to fit any stereotype.  I am on my second marriage, and I wish that the first had either NEVER happened or that the outcome could have been different.  The problem is that I am so happy in my second marriage and pleased with the way that my life came out that I don’t know how I would have gotten here if my first marriage hadn’t tanked so badly.  Doesn’t that sound funny? But truly, my life is good because of what I endured and that I have a respect for all the good things that have been able to come my way. 

It’s funny how our goals, paths, objectives and ideas can change so much over time!


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