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Fair Share

December 27, 2011

I am often obsessed with things being fair.  When Ed and I were married I expected him to finish college while I worked and then I would work part-time and go to college full-time while he worked.  Problem was, even with an education he couldn’t hold a job.

At my last job there was an evil little troll who expected to get whatever she wanted and screw everyone else.  I can’t even tell you how many times I worked so that she could be off only to be berated any time that I needed time off work.  At my current job there is turmoil from time to time with one person who works what she wants to work, when she wants to work it with little consideration of the rest of the department.  It is annoying at best.

Over the weekend I had lots of problems with fairness and the refusal of my mother in law to speak to her sisters when arranging for Christmas, so that created plenty of heartache and havoc.  I just wish that people would consider what is fair and reasonable.  When we open our home we open it to everyone, and get a lukewarm response, however, if we don’t make the offer there is hurt feelings and frustration.  My wish for 2012 is for people to be considerate of one another in all aspects of my life!


Dear Santa

December 23, 2011

This year, I would like a mother-in-law who appreciates me and doesn’t feel the need to spend her time correcting everything that I do!  I had an ex-husband that brow beat me plenty – I would appreciate being done with that kind of abuse!

Three Years

December 20, 2011

I forgot which day the divorce degree was officially signed again – but it’s now 3 years since our divorce was finalized.  It still feels good!

I admit, I wonder sometimes what Ed has been up to and if he is continuing on his downward spiral or if he has been able to salvage his life.  I have wondered from time to time how different our lives would have been if I stayed.  I know that we would still be facing tremendous financial struggles, and my son would likely be starting at the community college instead of one of the private school’s he is considering.  I know that I wouldn’t have been able to finish college.  It’s funny, the last three years, even though they have been full of hard work, have been fun and happy. 

Hopefully Ed is somewhere safe this Christmas, and hopefully Nancy is somewhere celebrating with her grandchildren.  I know where my family will be and what we’ll be doing, and I am confident I’ll be able to enjoy it without fear of an agitated and angry man.

Bah Humbug!!!

December 12, 2011

Usually I have PLENTY of Christmas Spirit.  Maybe even more than I need.  This year I am struggling.  Last year I was a little gloomy about the decorating part but I perked up pretty quick and enjoyed myself.  This year I just seem to be in a slump.  Earlier this week I was blaming the post office (40 minutes in line and the joy of redoing my work got under my skin!) but today I still feel less than enthusiastic about the upcoming holiday’s.  

Tonight I’ll be at the Southeast Madrigal Dinner and Holiday Concert – maybe that will get me in the mood.  I’m almost done with the shopping, the tree is up and I have decided what I’ll make for treats to give as gifts, now I just have to get myself cheery and ready to enjoy.  Sometimes, you have to smile and go along, even when you don’t feel like it!