Bah Humbug!!!

Usually I have PLENTY of Christmas Spirit.  Maybe even more than I need.  This year I am struggling.  Last year I was a little gloomy about the decorating part but I perked up pretty quick and enjoyed myself.  This year I just seem to be in a slump.  Earlier this week I was blaming the post office (40 minutes in line and the joy of redoing my work got under my skin!) but today I still feel less than enthusiastic about the upcoming holiday’s.  

Tonight I’ll be at the Southeast Madrigal Dinner and Holiday Concert – maybe that will get me in the mood.  I’m almost done with the shopping, the tree is up and I have decided what I’ll make for treats to give as gifts, now I just have to get myself cheery and ready to enjoy.  Sometimes, you have to smile and go along, even when you don’t feel like it!


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