Another Year Older

It’s funny.  I’m 35 now.  That used to seem much older than it does now.  My son is touring colleges again this week.  17 years ago I had just finished college and was working full-time as a CNA.  I would have never imagined that I would have stayed in health care all this time and chosen this field for my undergraduate degree. 

My new year feels a bit clunky so far.  I’m dragging around some old resentments and trying to decide what I really want to do and be.  I am supposed to start grad school in two months and I’m struggling with what program is right.  This summer will be 10 years in the same job and I just feel like I want something different but I don’t know what…. and I want to have  more experiences.

Maybe it’s winter boredom.  Maybe 35 is a time to assess and plan.  I have 30 years or more left in the work force and I need to plan out where my place will be.  I just feel unsettled at the moment and I’m not sure what decision will serve me best!


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