Beyond Control

It was a VERY eventful weekend.  We are all fine, in one piece, and glad for seatbelts.  My Jeep is sadly totaled.  My husband pulled out of our neighborhood Sunday afternoon only to be plowed into by a guy who ran a red light going between 40 and 45 mph.  The other drivers defense is that he couldn’t see the light because of snow.  While my husband is bruised and sore, nothing was broken or bleeding. 

Now the details are coming into play, how much will the insurance pay?  How long will everything take? Last night we picked up the rental car and cleaned out the Jeep.  It was odd knowing I would never drive it again.  We have already made plans to go get the new car.  It is out-of-state and a tremendous deal.  Luckily we were way ahead in paying the Jeep off so we’ll have a nice hunk of money down on the next car.

It’s strange, the insurance people seem to think their offer is good, but on my side this was a car I really didn’t want to part with.  I had planned to send it to college in the fall with my son.  The miles were average, the condition was great.  I really liked that car and what it represented in my life.  I bought it in the middle of my divorce and Ed didn’t know anything about it.  It was the only thing during that period that was solely mine and it went down protecting my husband, so at least it died admirably.


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