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Getting Ready to Say Goodbye

March 20, 2012

When Ed and I had been married for a year we got a dog.  A beautiful half yellow lab/ half golden retriever from the pound.  Ozzy has always been an amazing animal.  He rarely barks and only does so when he is surrounded by barking dogs or feels compelled to defend his family.  He was the perfect dog for my son to grow up with, he loves to be petted, he likes long walks, he sleeps at the foot of the bed and he hasn’t had any intentional aggressive behaviors.

In 2006 Ed got a new dog and she gave kennel cough to Ozzy so he moved to my mom’s.  In 2007 he had hip and back pain and we started glucosamine, and about 4  months ago he started having problems with bladder control so he started on pills twice a day to help with bladder muscle tone. 

The last few months he has been having more problems with vision, hearing and balance and he has gone from 2 mile walks down to two blocks.  This week he started to refuse food and medications, there is virtually nothing we can use to bribe him.

Friday after work we’ll drive him to the vet and say goodbye.  I have never had a dog live this long or an animal that I have been so attached to.  In his 16 years he has been bumped by a car, kicked by a deer, eaten most of a beanie baby, been slapped around by the cat, gotten lost in 16 inches of snow, been loved by a little boy, and been satisfied and excited with what we have been able to provide.  He is the best dog I have ever known!