Growing Up and Moving On

It’s funny, I’m 35 now, and in a few short weeks Ed will be 47.  When I’m 47 I hope to have my mortgage paid off – or be in a bigger house.  I also hope to be established in my career and taking two week vacations instead of one week trips.  My baby is 17 so maybe in 12 years I’ll even be a grandparent.  It’s all a lot to consider =)

I wonder if Ed has decided to develop his life into something yet.  With the fact that I still receive collections calls from time to time my guess is that he hasn’t.  The next 6 months will be spent starting grad school, getting my son through his high school graduation and moved into the dorms at college.  I’m so happy that I got away and that I have a chance to overcome an abusive marriage.  I feel like myself again!


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