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Too Many Irons in the Fire

May 14, 2012

I can usually keep all the balls in the air but with my son graduating from high school, starting grad school, working full-time, going to end of the year concerts, and keeping up with day-to-day responsibilities at home I don’t seem to have enough time to take a breath.  Tonight’s to-do list has 14 items on it.  Hopefully I can make it at least part of the way through before dark. 

Last night when I was paying bills I kept thinking about how nice it is to have two incomes in our family.  When Ed and I were married we had two incomes for a while, but I was the one making both of them.  I still feel like I was so cheated during those years that I had to work two jobs and that I missed things in my son’s life because I had to keep the lights on and the rent paid. 

Sometimes I can’t believe this is really my new life with money in savings and the bills paid on time every time.  Even though I am feeling overwhelmed right now I know there is a light at the end of my tunnel and the stress won’t be permanent.