Oh What a Difference a Decade Makes

It has been an interesting 10 years.  Ed and I are happily divorced, at least I’m happy about it.  As I have said here before, I wish that my marriage hadn’t been destroyed by substance abuse, but in the long run, it gave me a much happier ending.  I have seen and heard about some of Ed’s friends over the last several years. 

Ed’s friend Bob – is working with veteran’s in a halfway house.  He has been working hard on his recovery and even though I always think of his kids as little boys I know they are all grown now – I hope they have a good relationship with their dad, he really loves them.

Ed’s friend Bill, who I will forever think of as over sexed, was on the news the other night.  He is also a veteran with a long history of substance abuse and some problems with the legal system who is now homeless.

Ed’s friend Greg is re-married (for the 5th time) and his girls are also grown by now.  A few years ago he was investigated for slipping drugs into a woman’s drink at a bar.  She crashed her vehicle and died on the way home.  Her blood alcohol level was low and there was a high degree of suspicion but nothing came of it.

Ed’s friend TJ has divorced, done some traveling and gone back to using and his friend Troy couldn’t handle his mental illness anymore and after several failures successfully committed suicide 6 years ago. 

And then there is Ed, who dove down the rabbit hole and may never get back out of it.  I wonder about his prescription pain medication abuse and if he will ever be clean again.  I wonder about the toll it is taking on his brain, and his body.  And I wonder about the pain it brings to those who still care about him. 

Addiction is a sad and terrible disease.  It rips people apart and destroys families.  It has the power to turn people into strangers.


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