What an odd day!  This morning at work I toured a new provider who is in the midst of major changes at work and home and has her mother preparing to move in with her.  She explained that her mom has spent the last 15 years in a very controlling and abusive relationship and that they are thrilled that she is getting out of it.

When she was talking she said that her mom had been under such tight control she couldn’t make any decisions.  Not what to wear, where to go, what to do, what color purse to buy, etc.  In an effort to help her regain her independence, whenever she asks for help now her family tells her she has to make her own decisions.

I felt sad for and connected to this woman I have never known, and who I had never even heard of before today.  I know that I am no longer the person I was when I was married to Ed, and I know that I was on a VERY tightly held leash.  I know I said this not very long ago, but I am so happy that I am free!


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