Cold Justice

This weekend I watched too much television.  I am REALLY struggling to finish the last 6 weeks of my graduate program.  I don’t think it is because of fear, more that I am just tired of working on it.  I am VERY excited to have a new job, learn more about the future of healthcare and computers and make more money (there is a chance my income will DOUBLE!).  

Friday at work my boss told me about a show called “Cold Justice”.  That night while I was flipping through trying to find something to watch (and pretending that my laptop wasn’t waiting for me to finish my homework) I saw an episode in Oklahoma that looked interesting.  In that case, the husband and wife had been fighting, and this man had been in prison for domestic abuse in the past.  His wife had been missing for 12 years and the sheriff believed that the husband was responsible.  For those who haven’t seen an episode, the show is about a prosecutor and forensic scientist who travel around working cold cases.  The prosecutor never lost a capital murder case and has a passion for families with unsolved crimes. 

When the cold team arrived they sifted through old evidence and found a recording from the couples little girl.  She was 3 when her mother disappeared and during an interview when she was 5 reported that her mom was rolled up in a carpet and left in a ditch.  This helped them to lean on the suspect, re-interview him and catch him in his lies.  He eventually confessed and took the sheriff to his wife’s burial site.  

Throughout the case I saw flashes of my marriage to Ed.  The manipulation, the trickery, the showering of love, the recognition and ownership of mistakes and then, nearly in the next breath, the violence, browbeating and tearing down.  While I sometimes think that my experience was unique, it is things like this that make me realize how many men follow this same pattern to trick their victims.


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