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Thinking About Victims of Domestic Abuse

May 12, 2014

Today is Ed’s 49th birthday.  I have been pretty quiet lately.  Much going on in my life.  I finished grad school, participated in a major system go-live at work, trained for and raced a half marathon and am now in the interview process for an AMAZING new job.

A few weeks ago in Lincoln a woman was murdered by her husband.  She worked for the University of Nebraska Lincoln Foundation, graduated a few years ahead of me from Lincoln High School and was loved by an incredibly large number of people.  The couple had a disagreement after several weeks of arguing and several weeks of her working with his mother to get him some psychiatric help.  It sounds as though she was killed Sunday afternoon.  After she was dead he decapitated her body and then drove out to the lake to go fishing, he slept in his car and was found by authorities on Monday morning.

Many of the people in our community have wondered at the fact that he murdered his wife and then left the body and went fishing.  I strongly suspect this would have been my fate if I had stayed with Ed much longer.  His anger and violent behavior were escalating.  The addicted monster was in control of his brain.  He reacted to almost everything with violence.  And I’m pretty sure that if he had killed me he would have either hustled out-of-state, or done the same as Bettina’s husband, and headed out to the lake for a day of fishing…. like I was just another problem off his list.