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Brunch in the Cities

February 13, 2014

Sunday morning my husband and I went to brunch at Jax in Minneapolis.  He proposed to me in the same place five years ago, after bawling my eyes out, I accepted the most gorgeous diamond I have ever seen. 

Sunday morning we sat next to two women discussing what makes you an alcoholic.  One had a black out two nights before after combining Jagermeister with Benadryl.  Her husband found her passed out at her desk and the next morning she awoke with a black eye.  She readily confessed that she does a shot every night to help her sleep and said that she doesn’t feel like an alcoholic and doesn’t drink socially.  Her friend said that during the two years that she was an alcoholic she didn’t always drink socially but often had problems with binge drinking.

The first woman talked about her  father (an alcoholic), her ex-husband (an alcoholic), her sister (an alcoholic) and their dependency.  While she was convinced that couldn’t sleep without the booze at night, she wasn’t convinced that she was an addict the way that they were.  It was interesting to hear this and to think about what I learned about alcoholism when I was married to Ed.  The mantra from most 12 step programs is that you are always an addict or alcoholic, it doesn’t go away, it can be dependent on whether you are “practicing”.  In addition to this, I always felt like if you were having problems in your life related to your substance use/abuse that it fell into the same pot.  I’m not sure how others define it, and since I don’t live in that world anymore I’m not sure how much it matters….